2023 Asia CeMat Exhibition: A Feast for the Forklift Attachments Industry, Not to Be Missed!



The Asia CeMat Exhibition is one of the most highly anticipated events in the forklift attachments industry. Held annually in Shanghai, this international trade fair brings together professionals from the transportation, logistics, supply chain, and storage sectors. With its focus on intralogistics and supply chain management, the exhibition serves as a platform for showcasing the latest innovations and solutions in the field. In this article, we will explore the highlights of the upcoming Asia CeMat Exhibition 2023 and why it is a not-to-be-missed event for industry professionals.

Overview of Asia CeMat Exhibition

The Asia CeMat Exhibition has gained significant recognition since its inception in 2000. Over the years, the event has seen a steady growth in both exhibitor and visitor numbers. From attracting 20,000 visitors in 2002, the trade fair quickly expanded to over 101,057 visitors in 2020. Exhibitor numbers have also increased substantially, with over 700 exhibitors participating in the 2020 edition.

Wontonne Exhibition Highlights

The Asia CeMat Exhibition 2023 promises to deliver an exceptional experience for attendees. Here are some of the highlights to look forward to:

1.Forklift trucks Showcase

The exhibition floor will host a wide range of products and solutions from exhibitors across the globe. There will be a series of well-known exhibitors at CeMAT ASIA 2023, such as Dematic, Kion Group, Cascade Attachments, AKUKA Systems Group and so on, bringing their latest technologies and products.From forklift attachments to automation systems, visitors will have the opportunity to explore the latest offerings and compare different options. We will also exhibit our new forklift trucks product line.

Electric Forklifts:Environmentally friendly and efficient

Electric ForkliftsEquipped with original imported American Curtis electric control system;

High voltage and large capacity battery can supply the forklift with strong power; DC or AC motors are optional according to customers’ requirements. Full AC motor, controller, more stable performance, more power saving. 1.8 tons, 4 tons, 4.5 tons, 6 tons, 7 tons, 8 tons optional, lithium battery optional, various capacity battery optional,customized

mast, tires, cab, etc., can also install a variety of forklift attachments.

2. New Special Attachments Demonstrations

Live demonstrations are a key feature of the Asia CeMat Exhibition. Visitors can witness firsthand how different products and technologies work in real-world scenarios.

Tri-lateral head unit: Convenient for warehouse handling

Tri-lateral head unit more flexible steering: A three-way stacking fork can flexibly adjust the direction of the load, enabling faster transfer of goods and improving transportation efficiency.

Addressing cargo stacking difficulties: A three-way stacking fork is more capable of addressing issues such as cargo stacking difficulties and can better adapt to different stacking methods for various cargos.

Telescopic forks: Cost-Effective Solution for deep rack

Telescopic forks Improved space utilization: As telescopic fork can be contracted and extended, it can operate in narrow spaces and better utilize space, reducing the space occupied by fork trucks during handling.

Reduced turning radius: Due to the design characteristics of telescopic fork, it can reduce the turning radius of the fork truck, allowing for tight turns and improving handling efficiency.

The Asia CeMat Exhibition 2023 is set to be a game-changing event for the forklift attachments industry. With its focus on intralogistics and supply chain management, the exhibition offers a platform for professionals to explore the latest innovations, network with industry peers, and discover new business opportunities. By attending this event, industry professionals can gain a competitive edge, stay updated on industry trends, and connect with potential partners and clients. Don’t miss out on the chance to be a part of this industry-leading event in Shanghai!


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