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Warranty Support

Thank you for choosing WONTONNE forklift attachment products. In order to fully protect your rights, please read the following warranty policy.

2.Buyer refer to a direct product purchaser and user.
WONTONNE guarantee the products according to the contracts, quotation, and the relevant performance parameters of the requirements listed in the manual.

Warranty period is as follows:
1.Within twelve months from the date of the first carrier and shipment.
2.Within 2000 hours usage.
Whichever period come first will be the warranty period.

Quality Assurance: WONTONNE will repair or replace parts after inspection by the authorized persons and determine if the defect is cause of
the material or manufacturing process.

What buyers and end users need to do is:
1.To preserve WONTONNE’s warranty, buyers and customers must carefully follow WONTONNE Installation Instructions, Service Manuals and
Operator Guides when installing, adjusting, maintaining and operating WONTONNE equipment.
2.Buyers and customers must obtain WONTONNE written authorization.
3.Any unauthorized repairs or alterations, use of parts not provided by WONTONNE, or failure to follow WONTONNE’s Installation Instructions,
Service Manuals and Operator Guides will result in loss of Warranty.

1.WONTONNE does not guarantee that the products will perform rightly under conditions that are not suitable for the product.
2.WONTONNE assumes no responsibility for loss, damage or injury to persons or property, and consequential damages, resulting from the
possession or use of its products.
3.WONTONNE’s warranty does not cover wear, tear, abnormal applications which will fail to follow WONTONNE product Operator’s Guide
properly, normal or scheduled maintenance.
4.There are no warranties either express or implied including any warranty of fitness for a particular purpose which extend beyond those
stated in this warranty and the product description on the face of WONTONNE’s order acknowledgement.

Important Notice:
If the end user would like to know more about WONTONNE products or the relevant aspects of installation and service, Please contact:
Service and Spare Parts Department, XIAMEN WONTONNE TECH Co.,Ltd.
This Warranty is effective since Nov. 1, 2020. Its validity remains until being superseded by latest version. WONTONNE reserves all the rights
of amendment without notice.