Installation standards for forklift attachments


How to install the forklift attachment ? The key is the following two parts:

1. The form and size of the installation

The attachment is installed on the fork carriage of the forklift, and its installation forms are hook-on installation and pin type installation mostly.

(1) For general forklifts, there is an international standards of the height of the fork carriage, as shown in the figure below.

As long as we know the forklift capacity, we will know the mounting class of the attachments needed. For example, a 2.5 ton forklift, its mounting class is generally ISO 2A.

  • For large tonnage forklift, the fork carriage is often installed in a pin type, so when selecting attachments, it is necessary to provide the drawing of the fork carriage, So that we can design the installation size of attachments accordingly.

2. Connect the oil pipe of the attachment and the forklift

The attachment relies on the hydraulic system on the forklift to provide power for the it. Therefore, after the attachment is installed on the forklift, the oil circuit needs to be connected next.

The more functions of the attachment, the more additional oil circuits are required for the forklift. For example, a common rotator has only one rotation function and requires a set of oil circuits provided by a forklift. The paper roll clamp has two functions of opening&clamping and rotating, so the forklift needs to provide 2 sets of oil circuits.

In addition, some forklift attachment types have a solenoid valve and need to be connected to a circuit. For other trucks, like electric stackers, need to consider the hydraulic pressure and flow. In short, as a professional manufacturer of forklift attachments, Wontonne can provide professional installation guidance to customers, and customers do not need to worry about the installation at all. Becoming a dealer of Wontonne, we can also provide relevant training for you.

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