Keep Moving And Meeting Customer’s Needs, The Development Of Rotator

Wontonne always keeps in mind and fulfills the mission of “providing customers with the best material handling equipment and accessories”.

Relying on our more than 20 years of design, production and sales experience, combined with market feedback, we continue to optimize our product design to better meet market needs.

The rotator is one of our most popular attachment products. It can quickly rotate the container 360 degrees and is widely used in food, chemical, sanitation, and recycling industries. Because of its easy installation, reliable design, and superior performance, one set rotator is delivered from Wontonne factory every day on average. We continue to optimize the product structure and improve the customer’s experience of using the product. From the initial closed rotating panel, to digging a small hole, a bigger hole, make customers get a better vision of the operation of the goods and improve safety . Different design styles provide customers with more choices.

Advance well without end.

We will always go on this road, and welcome new and old customers to give us valuable opinions and suggestions.