Popular And Good Price Mechanical Attachments- Jib Crane

In addition to professional production of hydraulic attachments, Wontonne Attachment also designs and produces various mechanical attachments.

The mechanical attachments are easy to install, barely maintenance requirements, and prices are very economic.

For example, jib crane, container ramp, fork extension, working platform, snow plough, road sweepers, forks, fork spreader, drum lifter, roll prong, tipping and skip bins, etc.

The jib crane is one of the most popular products. Our jib crane can load from 2.5 tons to 10 tons, and the length is retractable. Customers can choose galvanized or painted for surface treatment.

Slip-on installation, with chains or bolts, can fix the jib and forklift together.

Strong and durable hooks and U-shaped buckles ensure safe lifting and handling of goods.

Large-tonnage jib crane are very popular recently, and the main tonnages are 7.5 tons and 10 tons.

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