Provide Complete Material Handling Equipment To Set Up New Plant For Customers

Wontonne is a leading solutions of material handling equipment in the industry, offering a wide range of products to meet the diverse handling needs of customers.

A customer sets up a new factory, needs a complete and prefect logistics handling chain. The customer provides information about the factory and the products, and the material handling effect to be achieved. Through in-depth communication with the customer, we recommend the suitable forklift truck, forklift attachments and sweeper according to the customer’s situation. At the same time according to the customer’s actual product information for the customer customized and production of bale clamp. We use the most professional industry experience to recommend the most suitable material handling chain for customers, to meet customers’ handling, stacking, packing and shipping needs, maximize the efficiency of customer handling!

Picture1: Wontonne one stop material handling equipment

Whether it is the quality service of the sales, the technical support of the engineers, or the logistics personnel and warehouse people, wontonne team has exerted the best professional ability in their own positions.

Picture2:Loading drawings provided to customers

In this process, the customer highly appreciated the professional working ability and efficient working feedback of the team. He said that he would continue to cooperate with us in the future, and he believed that we could improve the best products and services for him. Customer satisfaction and trust has been our greatest achievement!

Picture3:Loading container

Our mission is to deliver more value you need and high up your margin in your material handling business.

We believe that Wontonne is your best choice!