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Side Shifters

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Get Wontonne Forklift Attachments to Delight Your Customers

Wontonne Forklift Attachments Hydraulic components are from international brand suppliers. We fabricated all classes of Paper Roll Clamps with ISO approval.

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Excellent design, 20 years experience and technology from America

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Key parts are from world famous brands


Strick Tests Before Delivery:operation test, load test, overload test.

Wontonne: Your professional forklift attachments manufacturer

  • WONTONNE team is proud of more than 20 years of industry experience. And will always bring you comprehensive and reliable solutions for your material handling
  • Being the well-known manufacturer of a Forklift Attachments, we have full capabilities in producing world-class Attachments products to supply the demand of your business.
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Custom Forklift Attachments to Skyrocket Your Brand

Wontonne Forklift Attachments G Series Fork Positioners 02

G Series Fork Positioner

The fork positioner with a side shifter allows the driver to adjust the distance between two forks, and shift forks from one side to another by a hydraulic system to fit different pallet sizes.

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F Series Sideshifters

We provide a competitive forklift attachment side shift!
Wontonne side shift with affordable price, reasonable structure, reliable performance, and ultra-high cost performance.

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E Series Sideshifters

E Series Sideshifters

The side shifter facilitates the insertion and stacking of goods, which greatly improves the flexibility and handling efficiency of the forklift.

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Wontonne Forklift Attachments D Series Sideshifters 02

D Series Sideshifters

Side shifter is the most common attachment installed on forklift. It is suitable for various occasions using forklift for moving and stacking.

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WONTONNE is a leading solutions provider of material handling equipment in the industry, with 20+ years experiences in the field, have professional designing, lean manufacturing and supply chain integrations to focusing on new forklift trucks, forklift attachments and replacement parts for forklift truck and forklift attachment, maximizing your handling efficiency. Our mission is to deliver more value you need and high up your margin in your material handling business.

As one of Chinese most popular material handling attachments manufacturer, we offer a wide range of attachments for all material handling situations. Our products are types of your handling demand and flexible for different industries such as food and beverage, paper handling, white goods applications, the logistic industry, constructions, agricultural sector, recycling industry. We provide hydraulic attachments like bale clamp, paper roll clamp, side shifter, rotators and push pulls. And mechanical attachments like skip bins, fork, fork shoe, container ramps etc.We also welcome your OEM enquiry with bulk order and customizations.

Q1: How long is the guarantee (period)?

(1)Within twelve months from the date of the first carrier and shipment.
(2)Within 2000 hours usage.
Whichever period come first will be the warranty period.

Q2: How fast to delivery out?

(1)Usual models with stocks: 1-2 days
(2)Usual models without stocks: 1-2 weeks
(3)OEM/ODM models: 3-5 weeks

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