Tyre Handling

Due to the variety of tyres, their weights and sizes,Different working conditions require the tyre handling equipment with different operation functions. Wontonne relies on strong design abilities of technical teams has designed and produced many kinds of equipment to handle tyres.
Wontonne Tyre Handling solutions offer the safest, most efficient handling methods for changing, moving or stacking tyres. No matter what size, weight or type of tyre you’re handling, Wontonne has an attachment designed to maximize your productivity with the tyre clamps,tyre handler and tyre grippers.


1.1The clamps for handling small size and tonage tyre

When you need to handle tyre of nomal size,WONTONNE Tyre clamps with F Series and D Series will help you in all kinds of tyre handling, tyre loading and unloading and tyre stacking operations.lt can realize the safe and efficient carrying and stacking of various tyres without the use of pallets, and greatly reduces work intensity, saves large amount of storage room and improves work efficiency.


1.2The tyre grippers for tyre maintainence and moving


No matter if it is tyre producers, distributors, retreaders, tyre service organisations, farmers or vehicle factories. All know the difficulties of handling large tyres without the proper tools.The Tyre Grippers is designed to help the tyre professionals in a multitude of situations.Working faster,holding tyres safer, avoiding dangerous situations, saving time, less damages to tyres, rims and vehicles.


1.3The tyre handlers for big size and heavy tyre


Designed for ease of on-site assembly and serviceability such as Loaders, agricultural tractors and mining trucks etc. Wontonne heavy duty tyre handler are engineered to meet the most demanding tyre handling applications in the mining, ports and intermodal market segments. To use tyre handler can ensure the safety, improve the work efficiency and avoid the tyre damage caused by improper operation.