Strict Product Testing

With more than 20 years of history in this industry, our products have been exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, Australia and other places. Over the years, we have been deeply recognized by our customers and received many favorable comments.

All of our products after blanking, welding, machining, shot blasting, painting, curing, assembly and other links, to undergo strict product testing.

No load test should be carried out on finished attachments, such as mounting class, arm pad swing, arm pad size, opening range etc., and carefully observe whether the rotate speed, ride comfort and vibration of hydraulic motor rotation and cylinder tensioning action meet the inspection standards.


For the load test of finished attachments, we will do the overload test exceeding 20% of the calibration value, which is the highest standard in the industry and only for the quality commitment of the whole machine.


All the forklift attachments have to pass strict tests before they go to the next stage of finishing, warehousing and waiting for delivery.

Wontonne have the highest requirements for products, only for the promise of quality.