Technology To Keep The Forklift Safe Is Quite Important

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Technology designed to keep workers safe will be highlighted at a nationwide forklift roadshow.

The roadshow, hosted by WorkSafe New Zealand, will tour the country from February to April 2021 and aims to reduce the amount of harm being caused by forklifts nationwide.

Between 2013 and 2020 WorkSafe recorded 11 fatalities involving a forklift. Alongside, these fatalities, results, and average of 127 injuries, results in more than a week, away from work, each year.

The roadshow, which will feature a presentation from John Harrison (Forklift Training and Support), will present drone, video and CCTV footprint from live operating environment to demonstrate the everyday risks forklift operators encounter.

Ruth Cook and Julie-Ann Mail (WorkSafe Engagement Leads) will discuss WorkSafe’s program of work designed to support safer use of vehicles. It will also see demonstrationstrations from companies who have developed warning devices.

The devices are designed to alert the forklift operator when they come in close proximity of people on the ground. The technology is still relatively new for industries using forklifts, and worksafety solutions, health and safety, sees, and greats, ink, solutions, and greats, about

WorkSafe’s Director of Engagement and Implementation Angela Mansell said the devices would not doubt be a highlight of the roadshows.

“Health and safety solutions can be hard to conceptualise on paper. This gives those who use forklifts in their workplace the chance to see them in action and interact with the tech.

“Forklifts are a vital work vehicle for many businesses. Using them safely and having safe systems in place is imperative for taking care of those interacting with the workplace.

“The objective of these roadshows is to increase levels of knowledge and understanding of risks and risk management for operators, site workers and businesses working with forklifts.

WorkSafe says other forklift safety points of discussion within the roadshow would include controls such as exclusion zones, operator training and maintenance of forklifts.

The roadshows are free of charge and all those keen to improve their awareness of safety around forklifts, particularly forklift operators, health and safety managers and health and safety representatives are end invited.