Tyre Handling Solutions By Wontonne Forklift Attachments

As a provider of material handling solutions, Wontonne has its own senior technical team, we can give the most suitable product recommendations according to the actual working conditions of customers, such as different tyre dimension and weight.

Tyre handler can handling and stacking tyres efficiently,safely and without damage. Horizontal and vertical switching operations are widely used in the tire industry.

We have 4 different design of tyre clamps for customers to choose.

F series standard tyre clamp, with 360 degree rotation, this is the most popular design.

D series sliding tyre clamp can side shift tyres positions when stacks or loading.

D series tilting clamp is suitable for handling unit tyre, and can tilting 90 degree.

The newest design is the tilting clamp which can handle many pieces of tyres together, it with light self weight, with a good version of the structure.

For more handling equipment in different industries, welcome contact us to get information.https://www.wontonne.com


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