United Efforts, Setting Sail on a New Journey – Wontonne Group Holds 2024 Annual Business Conference

XIAMEN, Jan 20 – Employees from Xiamen and Zhangzhou factories convened at the Xiamen headquarter for the company’s annual conference at 2 p.m.


In the dynamic landscape of 2023, Wontonne Group faced challenges head-on, navigating through rapid changes in the macro environment and fierce industry competition. Despite these obstacles, the Wontonne team explored innovative strategies, finding opportunities in adversity. With a strategic focus on market dynamics, customer demands, and differentiated products, the company continuously invested resources to boost operational efficiency. This concerted effort aimed to meet the evolving needs of clients across various industries, enhancing material handling efficiency. 2023 stands as a year of resilience and strategic advancement for Wontonne Group, laying a solid foundation for future growth.


Wontonne Group’s annual conference witnessed comprehensive discussions among company departments on direction, goals, and future priorities. Recognizing outstanding achievements in 2023, exemplary employees were honored with the title ‘Wontonne Group Outstanding Employee of 2023’ and received cash rewards. The General Manager delivered an inspiring address, urging collective dedication to the company’s founding spirit. The emphasis on professionalism and collaboration underscored the commitment to becoming a leading material handling solutions provider on the platform of the company’s significant growth.


As the inaugural year of a new three-year strategy, 2024 marks a crucial period for Wontonne Group in establishing a new development landscape. With a focus on deepening both domestic and international markets and the upcoming launch of the Zhangzhou new base, Wontonne aims to deliver a more diversified product range, increased delivery efficiency, and heightened customization. The efficient construction of the Zhangzhou base reflects Wontonne’s deep understanding of industry trends and their commitment to translating modern manufacturing technologies into reality. The new base, set to commence trial production in February and achieve full operation in May 2024, is poised to elevate Wontonne Group’s product offerings to new standards with advanced production equipment and technology.

In appreciation of the collective efforts of all employees over the past year, following an enriching annual meeting agenda, the company hosted the 2023 year-end banquet. All Wontonne employees gathered together in a relaxed and festive atmosphere, continuing to share experiences of the past, look forward to the Year of the Dragon, and boost enthusiasm for the challenges of the coming year.


We are dedicated to delivering optimal solutions to our clients and fostering mutually beneficial partnerships with our collaborators. Tailored to your needs, our comprehensive solutions encompass both standard products and locally customized designs. These solutions are designed to bolster your competitiveness in an ever-evolving business environment.


Over two decades, we have garnered favorable recognition across several markets, including China, ASEAN, Australia, South Asia, the Middle East, America and Europe. To better serve our local customers, we are now actively seeking local dealers and partners to strengthen our competitive presence in these regions.Come and join us, your participation would be greatly appreciated.

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