What are two different kinds of forklift forks

Forks are of two types: the hook type and the pin type.

Hook-type forklift forks are the industry standard. Often referred to as forks or forklift blades or forklift tines. Fork sizes have not only been standardized but also they have been given specific ratings based on their thickness and width.

The hook-type forks install method is very easy. Just let hooks slide into the carriage to install the fork.

Pin-type forks are also known as shaft-mounted forks because the forks are mounted to the carriage using a large pin. Usually, use in telehandlers and heavy forklifts.

Pin-type forks have different install methods from hook-type forks. There is an eye on the top of the fork which the pin slides through and installs the fork to the fork carriage.

This type size are not standardized, all pin type forks are individually designed to customer’s requirement. Produce pin type forks need more info and size, bellow is a fork size drawing.


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