Improved efficiency and safety: new forklift attachments are available

As a powerful tool in the warehousing and logistics industry, forklifts can help companies improve transportation and handling efficiency. To give full play to the role of a forklift, it is particularly important to choose suitable forklift attachments. Our comprehensive range of forklift attachments can help you improve efficiency and ensure workplace safety.

1. Improve operational efficiency

Optimizing warehousing operations is the key for enterprises to pursue high efficiency. Our forklift attachments feature advanced design and craftsmanship designed to provide greater operating efficiency. Depending on your specific needs, we offer a variety of attachment options such as forks, paper roll clamps, rotator and more.

These attachments are made from lightweight materials to increase the load capacity of the forklift, allowing it to move goods more efficiently. In addition, some attachments are equipped with innovative automation features, such as electric grippers and turning devices, which save operating time and reduce labor requirements.

2. Ensure workplace safety

Safety is always the first consideration. The new generation of forklift attachments is focused on delivering superior safety performance. Well-designed attachments can securely secure the cargo, prevent it from sliding or tilting during movement, and reduce the risk of damage to the cargo.

3. Customized

We understand that every business’s needs are unique. That’s why we offer customized forklift attachment solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s size, material or special features, we can personalize it to your requirements.

You can work with our sales team to discuss your needs and get professional advice. We will help you choose the most suitable forklift attachments based on your business model and actual conditions to improve operational efficiency, ensure safety, and optimize warehousing and logistics processes.

Welcome to contact us to get more information. Improving efficiency and safety starts with choosing the best forklift attachments!


WONTONNE is a leading solutions provider of material handling equipment in the industry, with 20+ years experiences in the field, have professional designing, lean manufacturing and supply chain integrations to focusing on new forklift trucks, forklift attachments and replacement parts for forklift truck and forklift attachment, maximizing your handling efficiency. Our mission is to deliver more value you need and high up your margin in your material handling business.

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